Google’s Android 11 has finally landed, we take a look at everything new and what you can be excited for.

It’s September 8th and Google’s Android 11 has now been released. Not only is Android 11 available to the Google Pixel, it is readily accessible to devices such as the OnePlus, Xiamoi, Oppo and Realme.

(Photo Credit: BBC)


On the surface Android 11 looks fairly similar to that of its predecessor, Android 10. The main noticeable visual change that the google team have implemented focus’ on conversations.

With Android 11 devices can group together notifications from messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Messages. Conversations will now be found in their own drop down notification section which shares similarities to the Facebook Messenger ‘bubble interface’. This improvement makes message notifications easier to read and overall, more accessible.

(Photo Credit: XDA Developers)

Smart Home

With Android 11 also comes the ability to control your smart home efficiently from the comfort of your device. Device users will now be able to control multiple smart gadgets from different brands via a single screen instead of multiple apps.

This will remove the need to download multiple apps to control your smart gadgets. Want a clutter free home interface? Android 11 has you covered.

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Privacy settings

Android 11 bring major improvements to device privacy settings. Some noteworthy privacy improvements include:

  • the ability to give apps single-use – rather than perpetual – access to a device’s microphones, cameras and location
  • a permissions auto-reset function that retracts apps’ access to such functions if they have not been launched for a few months
  • limiting apps to launching the phone’s built-in camera app rather than a third-party alternative. This has been done to close a loophole that allowed some developers to harvest location data without the user’s say-so

(Leo Kelion – BBC News)

(Photo Credit: Android News)

Android 11 Other bonus features

Screen recording – Instead of third-party apps such as ‘screen grab’, record directly what’s happening on your screen to share with other devices. This now allows for easy sharing through to social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram.