The Razer Blackwidow v3 Pro has some amazing features. Its supports wireless, Bluetooth and wired connectivity. In addition, you can choose between multiple different keyboard switches and is powered by Razer Chroma RGB.

We will be reviewing the new Razer Blackwidow v3 Pro. How does Razers first wireless keyboard perform and is it worth the price?. I’ll be reviewing the design, specs and will be giving my personal opinion wether this is worth the purchase.

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The Design

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From the moment I opened the box I could tell it was high quality. Firstly, the aluminium frame definitely gives it a premium feel and has a really nice black matt finish. This looks awesome. Although the keyboard is a little on the heavier side compared to some keyboards I have used, it does not take anything thing away from it. Especially with all the features it offers.

The keys feel very well made and durable. Additionally, the placement of the media keys are perfect for me, with the volume wheel been accessible from the side of the keyboard. For example this allows easy access if I need to lower the volume of my music or game. Instead of the keys sitting inside the keyboard like my previous Razer Blackwidow, they now stand on top of the keyboard which also adds to the aesthetics.

The RGB on this thing is awesome. For instance, the clear panel design makes the lighting much brighter than other RGB keyboards I have owned. Furthermore, the RGB interacts with over 150 integrated games, such as Fortnite, Apex Legends and Warframe (of which I am a big fan of). In addition, this adds to the immersion while playing games, as the lighting dynamically reacts with the games colour scheme, backgrounds and weather.

The Specs

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The Razer Blackwidow v3 Pro brings a lot of features that I was looking for in a wireless keyboard. The low latency and hyper-responsive input is amazing and ever since I made the switch, I cannot tell the difference from my wired Blackwidow.

When I first purchased the v3 Pro, there were issues with disconnecting/reconnecting when using wireless. However, razer were quick to release driver updates fixing the issue and I haven’t had any issues since. As a result, whether connecting to wireless, Bluetooth or USB-C the connection is butter smooth.

The only thing I think that lets down the v3 Pro is the wrist support. There is nothing wrong with the actual wrist support as it does do a good job of supporting the wrist even for extended periods of time. However, the wrist support is unable to be attached to the keyboard, which I found to be disappointing. Allowing the wrist support to be connected in some way to the the keyword would have been a nice feature to have.

  • Connection – Razer™ HyperSpeed Wireless, Bluetooth and Wired
  • Keyboard Switches – Razer™ Mechanical Switches Green or Yellow
  • Construction – Aluminium
  • Media – Multi-Function Digital Dial and 4 Media Keys
  • Wrist Support – Plush Leatherette Wrist Rest
  • RGB Lighting – Razer Chroma™ RG

The Price

The Razer Blackwidow v3 Pro, while being quite pricy, it does bring a lot to the table. You can pick this up from amazon (which at the time of writing this, is currently on sale at £199.99). In comparison to my old keyboard the Razer Blackwidow, which I picked up for around half of the price of the v3 pro a couple years ago, I kind of expected to pay the price I did for all of the features the v3 Pro has to offer.

Razer Blackwidow v3 Pro Conclusion

In conclusion, if like me you are fed up of wires hanging everywhere and are thinking about making the switch to wireless peripherals, then this is a great purchase. I hated having wires all over my desk and that was one of the main reasons I made the switch over to wireless peripherals. I have not looked back ever since. Whilst there was some problems in the beginning with disconnecting/ reconnecting the new drivers seemed to have fixed this issue and its almost non existent now.

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