Facebooks newest Oculus VR – the Quest 2 is due to land in store and online from Oct 13th 2020

Averagetechie takes a dive into what’s new with the Oculus Quest 2, so that you can make a decision on whether its time for an upgrade. Facebook’s new VR is due to be released on 13.10.20.


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Instead of the black headset that we have become accustomed to, Oculus Quest 2 will be white. The 2nd gen console is also smaller and more rounded than the original Quest. The Quest 2 comes in at 10% lighter than that of the original. This will allow users to have longer game play with a reduced risk of head and neck ache.

The Quest 2 will have improved straps which will allows users to easily to ensure that perfect fit. Quest 2 will utilise elastic straps with on Velcro strap that runs along the top of the headset. This should allow for easier and less awkward fitting with the elastic straps easily adjusting to head shape.

Controllers visually resemble that of the original however there do appear to be some key improvements. These new controllers have a ‘thumb sensor’ which is said to improve hand tracking and functionality. This will also mean that thumbs do not have to be constantly on buttons or your joystick.

Lastly Facebook have said that controllers will have x4 more battery life than the original, meaning longer game play and less money wasted on batteries.


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Without an upgraded game library, whether or not to upgrade largely comes down to the specs.

The Oculus Quest 2 sports the Qualcomm Snapdragon 2020 XR2 processor and 6GB RAM. The original Quest features the 2017 older Snapdragon 835 chip and just 4GB RAM. On paper this means that the Quest 2 should be much faster and smoother than it’s predecessor. Quest 2 also replaces the 1440×1600 OLED display per eye with a single LCD providing 1832×1920 per eye, meaning improved graphics

The Quest 2 has the potential to reach refresh rates of up to 90Hz, whilst this should mean better rendering Facebook have announced that at launch the Quest 2 will be capped at 72fps. An update however is on the horizon which would allow developers to upgrade the performance to 90fps. 

 QuestQuest 2
Display per eye1440×1600 OLED1832×1920 LCD
Refresh Rate72Hz72Hz/ 90Hz
Lens Separation ControlGranular 58mm-70mm3-Stage (58mm / 63mm / 68mm)
Storage64GB / 128GB64GB / 256GB
Snapdragon Chip835 (2017)XR2 (2020)
Price£399 (64GB)
£499 (128GB)
£299 (64GB)
£399 (256GB)


(Photo Credit: Oculus)

The Oculus Quest 2 has a starting price of £299 for the 64GB headset. When you compare that to the standard Quest which starts at £399 64GB that’s a saving of £100.

At this price point is it worth considering the standard Oculus? The original Quest has now been discontinued however given that for a cheaper price point you’ll get upgraded hardware and graphics there would be not much point going for the older model.

Oculus Quest 2 Conclusion

Unless you’re able to get the original Oculus Quest at a steal of price, there is absolutely no reason not to purchase the Oculus Quest 2. With improved graphics, size, controllers and decent pricing the Oculus Quest 2 is defiantly the product to buy if you are in the market for the new VR.

If you’re already enjoying the original Quest, is it worth the upgrade? Whilst there will be some noticeable changes particularly in graphics. The game play library will remain the same. With most users enjoying popular games such as Beat Saber and Robo Recall that are not graphically intense, I’d say to hold onto your current headset.

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