It’s that time of the year, LG have released/releasing soon their new C1 and G1 OLED Tv’s. Averagetechie takes a look at price and specs of the all new 2021 series.

C1 and G1 – What’s new with design

(Image Credit: whathifi)

The LG C1 comes with a tv stand and can be wall mounted. In terms of design the C1 is similar to its 2020 predecessor in terms of slim design and stand.

Unlike the C1, the LG G1 is designed to be wall mounted and does not come with a TV stand. A tripod gallery stand is available to purchase for the 55″ and 65″ sets. Due to LG’s radical slim design of the G1, it can be mounted flush against walls for that sleek finish.

 LG’s new WebOS 6.0 with AI ThinQ updates the bottom bar that customers have become accustomed to. Instead the all new operating system uses a tile system for ease of use when selecting TV apps.

C1 vs G1 specs

(Image Credit: LG)

Both the C1 and G1 will utilise the A9 Gen 4 AI processor which is said to improve picture quality by analysing objects, backgrounds and text on screen. 5.1.2 surround sound taps into A9 processor with downward pointing speakers, this means improved and more in depth sound for cinematic experiences.

Both the C1 and the G1 will have four HDMI 2.1 ports which support 4K/120Hz gameplay on the most up to date gaming consoles. With VRR, and ALLM support, as well as an in Game Optimiser.

The main difference between the C1 and G1 is down to LG’s use of the all new 2021 ‘LG ‘OLED Evo’ panel and slim design for the G1 model. The new panel adds significantly more brightness than older models for improved image quality. In the C1 model, LG have opted to remain with the same panel as the CX, however with the use of the new processor and upscaling, customers will still get great image quality.


LG C1 Series48”55”65”77” 
LG G1 Series55”65”77”83”


(Image Credit: LG)

The C1 is a great TV in terms of image quality and specs. It comes with a stand and is wall mountable so would be great for any average consumer who can stretch their budget a bit.

The Evo panel used in the G1 series makes the G1 all the more desirable for premium TV enthusiasts. You’ll have to remember that this TV does not come with a stand and if you don’t plan to wall mount it, this will have to be purchased separately.