Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West. All that we know about the upcoming, long anticipated sequel from GorillaGames.

The much anticipated sequel for Horizon Zero Dawn will be released in 2021. With the first game being such an astounding hit, lets hope the sequel is as good. Averagetechie takes a dive into what we know so far and what we can expect.


Horizon Story
(Photo Credit: Sony/GorillaGames)

Not much is known about the sequel however what we do know is that Horizon Forbidden West will pick up where the previous game left off. Aloy will head out west from Utah to San Fransico whilst exploring the post-apocalyptic ruins of America. Tasked with searching for answers, Aloy must unravel clues and mysteries of what destroyed her world.

Aloy must face a new threat which Guerilla Games calls the “red blight”. Red blight infects any living lifeforms and surrounding environment. New creatures that Aloy must face can also be witnessed in the game trailer.

There has been no official footage of gameplay, however Sony showed new aspects to the game during the PS5 launch. Our heroine can be seen swimming under water with a face mask. We expect that there will be bigger and more complex battles as well as the ability to climb more stretches of rock.

Release Date

horizon release
(Photo Credit: Sony/GorillaGames)

There has been no official release date as of yet however audiences can expect Horizon Forbidden West to be released in 2021. The game was announced during Sony‘s PlayStation 5 reveal event in June 2020.

Horizon: Zero Dawn was released in February of 2017, it’s possible we may see the sequel near the 4 year anniversary of the original game. Sony will be keen to promote Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West together with the release of their PS5.


Check out the below trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West.

(Video Credit:Playstation)

Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West – PS4 Version

horizon ps4
(Photo Credit: Sony/GorillaGames)

Sony has made the decision to release Horizon Forbidden West for both the PS4 and PS5 at launch. PS5 users can expect to enjoy better graphics in addition to better frame rates and loading times. Sony’s decision to release the game on last generations console means that fans will not have to upgrade if they’re not in a rush to do so.