Averagetechie guides you through what’s new with the Samsung Galaxy S21 range and should you upgrade your current device? 

The all new Samsung Galaxy S21 was released on the 29.01.2021 in the UK is said to be the next flagship device. With prices starting from £769 for the 128GB and £819 for the 256GB version, averagetechie takes a comparative look at the design, specs and price so that you can make the all important decision as to whether it’s time for an upgrade.  


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Samsung has opted for a few noticeable changes to their classic ‘Galaxy design’. Firstly, you will notice the new ‘contour cut camera’ as well as the rear matt, glass panel. Although subtle, in essence this adds a sence of refreshment when compared to past designs.  

Gone are the days of Samsung’s classic curved screen, the S21 and S21+ do not sport the classic curved screen that users have become more than accustomed to. Consequently, if this is a design aspect that you favour, upgrading to the Galaxy S21 Ultra will have you covered.  


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In a move some people may find controversial, Samsung has chosen to downgrade to Full HD+ 120Hz screens instead of optimising Quad HD displays that were used in the predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S20. This is likely so that users can enjoy fast and quality graphics whilst keeping the handset affordable.  

Samsung have also chosen to equip new devices with 5G. Whilst not every user will benefit from this technology, of course it means that whether you will be utilising 5G or not, new devices will be future proofed.  

Take a look at the comparative table below so that you can compare the different Samasung S21 handsets in order to see which one is suited to you.   

  Samsung S21   Samsung S21+  Samsung S21 Ultra  
Starting Price  £769  £949  £1,149  
Storage  128GB, 256GB  128GB, 256GB  128GB, 256GB, 512GB  
RAM  8GB  8GB  12GB, 16GB  
Screen Size  6.2”  6.7”  6.8”  
Front Camera  10MP  10MP  40MP  
Rear Camera  12MP Wide  
12MP Ultra-wide  
64MP Telephoto  
Max. zoom up to 30x  
12MP Wide  
12MP Ultra-wide  
64MP Telephoto  
Max. zoom up to 30x  
108MP Wide  
12MP Ultra-wide  
10M Telephoto (3x)  
10M Telephoto (10x)  
Max. zoom up to 100x  
Battery  4000mAh  4800mAh  5000mAh  


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Comparatively the price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 was not only cheaper than the predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S20 on release but additionally comes with 5G technology as standard. For instance the 4G variant of the S20 was released at £799 however notably the 5G variant would ultimately cost an extra £100.

Whilst the Samsung Galaxy S21 is reasonably priced, the S21 Ultra cost is significantly higher. Samsung however have made a mid-range device (the S21+) for the purpose of providing benefits such as a larger display and better battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Conclusion 

In conclusion the Samsung Galaxy 21 is a decent phone given that it preforms brilliantly compared to other phones of similar specs and price on the market. Obviously the plus and ultra are less cost effective however you essentially get what you pay for.

Arguably, if you’re looking for a noticeable upgrade and already own the Galaxy S20, it’s unlikely that the S21 will blow you away (unless you’re looking to purchase the S21 Ultra). This is due to the lack of significant differences your average customer would notice between the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21.

However, if you have an older device and are looking for decent battery life, good resolution and speed, indeed the Samsung Galaxy S21 is surely to be well worth the upgrade.