With fresh rumours circulating that Apple VR, averagetechie takes a look at what we know so far about the highly anticipated Apple device which is set to be released in 2022.

Apple VR – Leaked information and rumors

(Image Credit: The Information)

With multiple leaks about the dual 8K screens (7680 x 4320 pixels). We can almost be certain that this accurate. At this time, most commercially available VR devices are utilising no more than 4K technology. This means the Apple VR will sport significantly more pixels than its competitors.

The rumoured device is said to have eye tracking technology. Eye movements will be tracked so that what users are looking at will be 8K. Backgrounds will remain at lower resolutions. The headset is said to mix VR and AR, this is helped by LiDAR scanning that enables the headset to scan the room and 12 camera’s which track hand movements.

Prices have not yet been confirmed however The Information suggests that they could start at $3000. With the starting price for new Oculus Quest 2 costing $299, its unclear whether Apple will be targeting this device at average consumers.


From what we know so far things sound pretty exciting. With prices starting at $3000, we are anticipating that Apple will have a few more exciting details that they are closely guarding . Information is needed about controllers, what software we can expect etc. before we make an overall verdict.

Averagetechie will monitor this closely to provide you with up to date knowlege on the rumoured device.