The Google Nest Hub 2 is available for preorder today (16.03.21) for £89.99. It is scheduled to be released to the general population from 31.03.21. Averagetechie takes a look at whats new with the Nest Hub 2 to help you decide whether its this years must buy for smart homes.

Google Nest Hub 2 – Design

Google Nest Hub 2 release date, features, specs and price photo 1
(Image Credit: pocket-lint)

In terms of design the Nest 2 has not changed much compared to that of its predecessor. The Nest 2 comprises of a 7″ floating display that is mounted on top of a fabric covered speaker. The fabric mesh on the Google Nest 2 is available in four different colours, chalk, charcole, sand and mist.

The Nest 2 measures 7.02 x 4.65 x 2.56 inches (17.85 x 11.8 x 6.73cm). The perfect size for end tables and dressers .

Google Nest Hub 2 – Specs

(Image Credit: Google)

The biggest change is Google’s use of their Soli radar technology. The Soli radar chip will allow the Nest Hub 2 users to make quick hand gestures which control features such as playing and pausing music and video’s as well as skipping songs.

Most excitingly the Soli radar chip will also support sleep sensing and tracking. Nest 2 has capabilities to monitior users breathing and movements through the collaborative use of microphones, ambient light and temperature sensing. The built in microphones, ambient light and temperature sensors can detect snoring, coughing, temperature and light changes within your bedroom. This is then analysed to help users understand what impacts their sleep. A summary of sleep will be displayed in the morning, after several nights of collecting data the device will display tailored sleep schedule that can be displayed on android devices.

Google have also made improvements to the audio of the Nest 2, speakers have 50% more bass than those of the original Google Nest. The device will be equipped with three microphones to support communication with the device.


Whilst the idea of sleep tracking is exciting, some people may raise concerns about privacy. Google has reassured users that data collected will be not be used for advertisments. Users will be able to disable motion tracking and microphones and data collected can be deleted.

When comparing the Nest 2 to that of it’s nearest competitor, the Amazon Echo Show. Averagetechie considers that the Nest 2 is a fair competitor for the smart home market. An aspect that may leave users unsatisfied is Google’s decision not to equip the Nest 2 with a camera. This means that the device does not support video calling, in todays world of quarantines due to COVID-19 some users may find this lacking. The Nest Hub max however does have access to a front facing camera which supports videocalls.

The Nest 2 also has all the expected capabilities to connect to other at home smart devices such as lights and thermostats.