Another patch is coming to Genshin Impact, with leaks and rumours flying around the internet. We take a look at what we know so far and what we can expect about Genshin Impact 1.5.

UPDATE – update details to be released in stream on 16.04.21 at 11AM (UTC-5)

Genshin Impact 1.5 – Release date

If were looking at past update releases. It would be a fair guess that 1.5 will be released at the end of the Childe re-run banner which will also mark the end of 1.4. With this is mind it would be a safe to guess that 1.5 will be released on or around April 27th 2021.

1.5 Rumours

Housing System – One of the biggest leaks that have Genshin fans excited is the introduction of the housing system. Gamers will be able to have their own homes on the game which they can decorate and craft décors using materials such as wood.

It’s rumoured that home owners will be able to earn rewards such as Transient resin (to recover resin) and Vial of Adeptal Speed (lessens crafting time).

Continuation of Zhongli’s story quest – 1.5 should bring the second part of Zhongli’s story quest. As part of the quest a new boss Azhdaha will be introduced. Azhdaha is said to be a stronger and bigger version of the Primo Geovishap.

New Bosses – As well as Azhdaha, two other bosses Cryo Hypostasis and Abyss Lector are rumoured to be introduced. It’s unclear whether the Abyss Lector will be a quest only boss however many fans believe this is likely.

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Genshin Impact – 1.5 Characters

Although not confirmed, two new characters are said to be coming to 1.5. Eula and Yan Fei. Fans are also excited as it appears that Zhongli will be having a banner re-run.

Eula (Cryo Character) – Eula will be a 5 star Claymore character from Mondstadt. It’s likely that Eula will have a dedicated story quest that will be released with the 1.5 update.

Yanfei (Pyro Character) – Yanfei will be a 4 star Catalyst user from Liyue. It’s unclear which banner Yan Fei will be released on however some leaks suggest that she will be available on the same banner as Zhongli.

1.5 Events

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Just like previous updates, 1.5 should bring a host of new events that will reap rewards such as Primogems. Rumours on Twitter/YouTube have

Energy Amplifier Initiation – This will focus on the new Irminsul Fruit which will be introduced with 1.5. Irminsul will add different abilities to characters like increasing attack and resistance.

Mini Tomo – Find the unusual Hilichurls to access reward items such as new furniture and Primogems. The event is rumoured to be co-op.

Windtrace – Not much is known about this event, check out the live stream tomorrow for more updates!